Choosing The Right Topic

As far as structurally I think the biggest problem is what’s most frustrating to me is topic so sometimes I have students a lot of times I have students coming to me only after they’ve submitted their early application you know their essay for early applications so they’ve already they bring a personal statement and these are brilliant kids but somehow and at grade school but somehow just in choosing the topic or how they wrote about the topic and I said to them I’m so sorry now you probably spent so long working on this but it’s got to start from the beginning.

So I think it’s choosing the right topic that is really the hardest part which is why I try to give you know slightly less traditional topic ideas I think I can tell you this doesn’t directly apply to this audience but maybe it might provide some sort of analogy a lot of students with whom I’ve worked in the United States who were not born in the United States focus on how the greatest challenge was adapting to them to America way of life now this is an essay that literally every admissions committee has read into tens of thousands so every year I have students coming to me with this kind of essay and I immediately say I don’t want to minimize your experience but this is not a topic you should be writing about which is to say as international students I encourage you to approach this and the borders should not make a difference let’s put it this way it’s because to me if someone did it’s like great literature great art the universal the themes the truly meaningful themes are universal I read books from all over the world the books that move me the most I have no idea whether it’s a Japanese author an African author or can you know a Canadian author that’s something.

I would suggest is don’t try don’t try it you know don’t think okay they know you’re an international student they see it the first minute that it says country of origin and what language do you speak like so again when I say you want to express something that’s not on your application I’m saying really I look at every single part if they know you speak five languages unless this has changed your life and it’s allows you to communicate with people from outer space it’s already on your application so what makes you unique is not that where you’re applying from or what country you’re living in but it’s just how you look at life and that’s it’s the common bond that all human beings share that make sense now that that’s quick but more is there somebody online want to get on I should just continue reading some of the questions go ahead to whom there are this select give yourself or still there’s your end you’re in did you honor pizza we’re just waiting.