Educate Your Readers

It’s usually important to do cross field stuff it is just harder and how to choose a section title should I follow it like tradition like introduction and problem statement experimental settings and emulation like this or should I be more creative I’ll be I’ll be creative yeah you know read ones that you write section headings that you’d like to read so can I choose for my contribution list yeah absolutely yeah okay yeah just write the ones that you’d like to read what doesn’t make sense then what about some abstract skeleton good for it so we could win a stopwatch hang on just one them I want to say what I want to say these slides will all be available somewhere yes scarlet will tell you where right yeah. Check out other great articles on education aspect at Edusson.

So there’s a bunch off and there’s about there’s a bunch of further slides that I am clearly not when I talk about now we’re going to have lunch about the actual sort of process of getting about writing I want to say one thing about this before we go to have lunch which is to get your get friends to read your paper right get them to act as guinea pigs and if you give to give your paper to a friend to read right so I give it to Alexander to read what Alexander will naturally do is he will give it back to me covered with suggestions about spelling mistakes and grammatical in felicity’s because he will read it and he will get lost in Section three but he’ll be much too polite to say that right right you’ll just say this sentence construction is not very good but what you want him to say is I got lost in section three right here because that’s your remember you’re carrying your readers on a journey.

So you have to educate your readers about what you want them to do so try to sit in front of them and say don’t tell me about spelling mistakes do not tell me about my grammar tell me where you got lost and then then you can have a dialogue with them right you read the paper they say I got lost here and you say oh let’s see if we can unpack this you salt whiteboard stuff and they say oh now I understand often what happens is all they all you need to do is they say well got lost you say you explain it they say that’s great and all you have to do is record what you said in that conversation and light it down in the paper the incredible how much better people are explaining something verbally than they are so there’s a very good guinea pig thing and the rest of the slides which is a bit bit more about and reviewing stuff and about some sort of language and so forth you can read online or look at the video or something.