Plagiarism WebQuest

Directions: Use information you find on the Internet to answer the questions or complete the tasks below. Write your answers on a separate piece of paper, and BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES by indicating the name of the website and the web address from which you garnered your information.

Use at least three different sources.

  1. What is plagiarism?
  2. What types of plagiarism exist?
  3. What is copyright?
  4. What published works are not copyrighted?
  5. What is “Common Knowledge?”
  6. What legal punishments can those who are convicted of plagiarism face?
  7. Define “Fair Use.”
  8. What is “Public Domain” and how is it used?
  9. How do you know if something is in the public domain?
  10. Indicate three ways you can cite a source in your
  11. Give a two- or three-sentence summary of how
  12. What is your school’s policy on cheating/plagiarizing?
  13. What are your individual teachers’ policies on cheating/plagiarizing? Do they have rules and consequences in place? If you don’t know…ASK them!
  14. Name two things that must be cited or
  15. Name two things that do NOT need to be cited or
  16. Indicate three ways to keep track of your sources while taking
  17. Take the practice test at Write your answers on your answer document.