Presenting Your Essay

Don’t announce what you’re going to talk about and don’t refer to yourself as well words like I or me or my typically in academic writing you want to avoid that kind of stuff okay also in this paragraph try not to refer to the actual paragraph or essay itself right now it’s important to remember that different things for different situations so if you have a presentation to give in class this type of sentence would be fine right if you’re if you’re speaking in front of a group of people or in a classroom or something like that and you say today I would like to discuss air pollution in my city that’s fine but for writing it’s it’s not great okay so yes.

I kind of try to trick you all of these four sentences are very common problems that students have with with topic sentences so the question is what is a good topic sentence a good topic sentence clearly introduces the topic of the paragraph and it makes a point about the topic as we said so it has to have some kind of idea in there okay and it has to make a statement that’s not too broad and not too narrow so it’s right in the middle as we said also you want a good topic sentence to to give the reader an idea of the type of paragraph that they’re going to read is it going to be opinion or description or narration is it going to tell a story is it going to explain cause affect the reader should get an idea of that from your topic sentence okay so let’s look at some good ones okay so how do we how do we fix them how do we make them better number one Canada shares a border with the United States so that’s a fact.

It’s too narrow how do we expand it and make it more interesting well here’s my revised version here okay Canadian culture has been heavily influenced by its relationship and proximity to the United States a little fancy because I should move to the side here a little bit alright but in this case it now has an idea that can be developed and explained a little bit a little bit more okay so that’s definitely an improvement on the first one how about the second one studying is difficult as we said this is too broad there’s not enough information in here to really focus it for the paragraph so how do you fix it I said studying two languages at once can be very challenging now you’re getting a little bit more specific about what it is you’re studying and therefore you’ve got a clearer idea of of what you can write about in the paragraph okay what about the second one or the third one rather why traditional values are disappearing well problems like this that it’s kind of an easy fix because you just have to make it a complete sentence okay so there are several reasons why traditional values are disappearing.