Howdy lovelies! Welcome to my blog, I’m thrilled you stopped by to visit.

Not only will you find samples of MY work here you’ll also find hundreds of interviews I have done with AUTHORS just like myself. I find my subjects mainly on Goodreads. I have posts in several threads in several different genres inviting any/all authors to come by and do an interview. I don’t schedule interviews on specific dates because I try to post at least three (3) daily. Sometimes I do get ambitious and post a bunch.

Any GENRE is welcome here. You are welcome to interview on my blog regardless if you write self help books, children’s books, or erotica. Doesn’t matter here. With that said since it is my blog, I do have the option to turn you down. However, this is few and far between.

My goal here is to get MY books and YOUR books in front of potential readers/fans. It’s all about making our BRAND. I look toward authors I love and read for inspiration. Even books I don’t like by authors I don’t normally read are an inspiration. Perhaps one day I’ll see one of the authors I’ve met or one of my books on the New Release shelf at Barnes and Noble 🙂

In the famous words of Eazy E from Straight Outta Compton — All publicity is good publicity (I love that movie)

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