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Book Review: Take Off Your Pants by Libbie Hawker

Howdy my lovelies! I discovered a new book that explains how to outline your book. This is a subject that I’ve been in the dark 100%. I had no idea how to even start an outline.

Another seller for me on this book was the author’s examples of the outline. She referenced Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. And you all know I’m crazy about both those books. Here’s my review of the book:

As an author I’m always trying to learn new things to help my craft improve. The concept of outlining has baffled me. The first 40 pages of this book seemed like it was telling me what I was going to learn repeatedly. Then the learning started. I was still confused for few more pages and then it all came together. I think any pantser author looking to learn about outlining should check out this book.

Book Review: Writing Vivid Settings by Rayne Hall

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to share an extraordinary book on enhancing your scenes in your writing. I’ve never read such an informative book on scene creation. Everything Rayne tells you in the book is right on. I’m an avid reader and recognized all the things she was saying for scene creation. I discovered that I’m missing this in my book and need to do some work on it. I used up 2 highlighters marking all the things I need to reference back to.

I truly believe all authors novice and seasoned can benefit from this book.

Rayne Hall also interviewed with me, if you haven’t read it yet here’s the link: Rayne Hall Interview

Book Review: Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

Howdy my lovelies! I have another great book to help out writers. This is a must have for any author’s bookshelf. It’s loaded with info and guides for making the scary scene you’re working on really scary and engaging for your readers. Like all of Rayne’s book it is easy to understand and good for both the novice or seasoned authors. It’s my recommendation as an author, every author should read this book, absorb the book and your writing of scary scenes will improve 100%. Below is a link directly to the book on Amazon to make it easy for you to buy it.

Rayne Hall was also a guest on my blog, if you haven’t read her interview check it out here: Rayne Hall Interview


Book Trailers

Howdy my darling lovelies!

Today I’m in need of some insight from all of you. I’ve interviewed several authors who have YouTube videos or Book Trailers. I can’t imagine I’m the only writer wondering, but what are they for? Do book trailers help in your marketing? Do you notice a difference in traffic/sales with a book trailer?

Please help me to understand this. Comments are wanted and welcome.

Book Review: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne

I’m always trying to better my craft and I’ve been reading several books to help me along this path. This book is one I’ve just finished reading for a second time. It has loads of good information inside it’s covers to help any writer out. Here’s the review I left for it on Amazon and Goodreads: I have 2 books already published and use an editor, but I’m always looking to better/smarter myself. The better I can write, the better author I’ll be. My editor turned me onto some things to look for I was repeating in my writing. Now along with this book, I’ve discovered much more things I know I do. I’m currently proof reading my 3rd book and this book has enlightened me. All writers should have it. But don’t get rid of your editor, another set of eyes can only make you better.

I highly recommend you give this book a read if your an author.

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