Howdy, me lovelies! I’ve had the honor of meeting Amy Podejko, owner of GreenFairy Creations. After chatting about author interviews and books, the heinous subject of editing came up. Lucky for me, my new friend is an EDITOR!

I know what you’re thinking, just what I was thinking. Hmm, I wonder what she charges and what “editing” actually includes. Come to find out she’s a professional editor, beta reader, does book reviews and promoting. So naturally I had to tell my lovelies! Here’s what Amy says about her work:

I have a Facebook page that I’ve just transitioned from strictly reviews and promotions to include about editing as well. I haven’t had set pricing because I’ve mostly worked with authors on a budget. But now that I have a few titles…2 of which have been published in the last 5 months…I’m hoping that I can be more firm in pricing. I do start out at a base price of at least $200 per manuscript. The length of the novel, how deep the editing is going to be, and deadline do affect the price. But I’m thorough. I communicate throughout the entire process. Anything that I change or needs to be changed will always have an explanation. I don’t mess with the content itself but if there is an issue I will bring it to your attention. I, with the author’s consent, will correct spelling mistakes, grammar issues, punctuation problems. Unless it’s a novel over 350 pages with a 2-week deadline I most likely won’t charge more than $350-$400, and that’s giving an inflated price idea. Keep in mind that I am flexible on price and payments too. I even offer a 3-5 page edit for free so new authors can have an idea of my style.…

This is my website. It is strictly for books that I personally work on. Since I created the site, those are the only 2 that have been published. There are two others I’ve worked on that I haven’t heard anything about when those will be published. And I am working with an author now on one of her books. If you would like to talk to the ones that haven’t published yet, please let me know and I’ll get you their information.