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Meet Author Raúl Sánchez Gilo

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat with author Raúl Sánchez Gilo

An Spanish engineer, traveler, salesman, chess player and writer. And not necessarily in that order. Thanks to his long experience in exporting to more than 60 countries, throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe, the author now shares the secrets to success in sales in his first book: “Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond the internet”. An original storytelling and a must-read literary experience for the thousands of salesmen, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales professionals, sales managers, traders, exporters, business owners and students, among others. The author is passionate about traveling, writing, chess, gardening, dogs, and more than anything, his love to his wife.

Enjoy this sample: Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet


Business & Economics, Self-help & How to


An original sales book that will change the way you think about selling. Learn about the main selling techniques, suitable for new in sales and sales professionals needing a refresher.

An entertaining storytelling about the art of selling. Beyond internet, the new technologies, neuromarketing and a thousand other things, there are eternal sales techniques that will always be valid.

Anyone in sales will find inspiration and motivation in this unique literary experience that provides the keys to excellent sales results.  A sales book that will help you to better understanding your product, your customer and yourself as salesman.

After the success of the original edition (star rating 4.8), it is finally available the English version.

Among many other topics, we will speak about:

  • What means to sell and be a professional salesman.
  • Customer needs, motivations and expectations.
  • Our main weaknesses and strengths.
  • How to sell a product and the need of selling ideas.
  • How to deal with the quality, the brand and personal branding.
  • How to target each stage of the product life cycle.
  • How to better know our customer and identify potential clients.
  • How to better manage our effort and time.
  • The sales formula to optimize customer satisfaction.
  • Discover the real balance among salespeople, customers and products.
  • The final formula to get customer loyalty.

Addressed to:

  • For beginners in sales
  • For anyone looking to increase their sales knowledge
  • Recommended even to experienced salesmen
  • Recommended for sales training and sales coaching.


If you sell a lot, do not have a look. Otherwise this sales book is a must read for you.

Excellent, surprising, original … and true. Discover the Eternal Sales Techniques…

During April 9 to April 16, 2017 Raúl is offering Sell More and Better at 50% discounted price. Be sure to stop by and grab your copy.

Why do you write?  I have traveled in many countries, and from all of them I have learned much. I have got a long experience in exporting technical products to more than 60 countries, throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe, and now I am glad to share what has been very useful to me throughout my career, knowing what has really worked, and what has not. I also think writing is a kind of therapy, helps you gather and organize your thoughts, especially those which were without the necessary structure, and through this process you can understand, learn and even re-learn, but in a much clearer way.

When did you decide to become a writer?  I started last year, but somehow I have been writing the whole life, in one form or another. It was not a conscious decision. One day you start to write, and then the story takes you. There is no choice but to finish it!

What have you written?  Well, I have just started, and for now it’s my first book: “Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond the internet” A mix of fiction and non-fiction, starting with the universal principles of selling, to finally unveil the valuable formula to retain customers and exceed their needs.  I first wrote the Spanish version, and after that I translated it into English. That was a great challenge, because without realizing I had introduced many idioms and Spanish slang in the initial book, which made it difficult to find the best translation into English, and even I was forced to change some things but keeping the same sense.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just seeing where an idea takes you?  It is always good to have an initial script, but then the story, the concepts, and the characters are dictating the final path, which is always different than the plot you initially thought!

Do you design your own book covers or have someone else? If you use someone else would you tell us who/website?  I designed the cover of this book with the help of my wife, but I have to say that it is a conceptual cover. The reader will be able to understand the meaning of the cover at the end of the book. It is a cover that leads you to think and draw your own conclusions, which is one of the objectives of the book.

Is there any marketing technique you used that had an immediate impact on your sales figures?  I think the best is a mailing list, but it takes time to build! The main problem is to find the time. Time is gold nowadays…

Which writers inspire you?  The Greek classics. I recommend everyone to read them. They are eternal and will always be current.

What is your next project?  This book is the first volume of a series to which I have called “Salesman’s thoughts”, so that the next project is to write the following volume on similar topics.

There ya have it folks! For more about Raúl follow the links below:

Website / Goodreads / Pinterest / Amazon / BookTrailer / GoogleEnglish / GoogleSpanish


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