For today I have a sample of the book I’m currently writing. Enjoy!!!

My life used to be blissfully happy. Before Santana was stolen from me. She left the house for school like normal. There wasn’t anything different about this Wednesday. The morning was brisk; fall always brings colder and colder mornings. Even though I’m the high school principal, Santana liked to walk with her best friend to school everyday. She never acted embarrassed of me like so many other teenage parents. No, she liked to gossip without dad listening to everything about everybody.

Santana and I don’t talk at school unless we pass in the hallway. A simple hi is all. She’s no angel, she’s been to my office before and I treat her just as any other student. She told me once she preferred it that way, she didn’t want anybody to get the idea that she received special treatment for being the principals daughter. It’s not commonplace for us to see one another either. This is how I lost my daughter.

I usually get home from school around five. Most days Santana is home unless she’s studying at her best friends house. Normally there’s a note on the counter letting me know or she texts me. I guess she forgot. She’s a teenager after all and they don’t always remember the rules.

At seven I was worried. I’d sent her several text messages, called her cell many times and finally gave in. What Chloe said chilled me to the bone. “I thought she was sick today. I waited at the park like normal. Santana never showed up. So I sent her a text asking if she was coming or what. She texted back she was sick.”

“She wasn’t sick. She got up and ready like any other day. She left the house at the normal time.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Howell, I didn’t think anything of it when she said she was sick. I sent a couple texts throughout the day but she never responded. I thought she was sleeping. I was actually getting ready to call her.”

Every parent’s nightmare was now my reality. My baby girl never made it to school.

It’s been over a year since Santana’s disappearance. The police have no leads. The only thing found was her cell phone and backpack tucked behind a bush in the park. Sheriff Thorton and his deputies Randy and Ted are some of the best folks I’ve ever met, but they can’t work miracles. What could it hurt if I did a little snooping of my own? You see all these documentaries on TV about human trafficking and it gets you to thinking. My Santana is a doll if there ever was one. She’d be perfect for human trafficking.