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Meet Author Ty Mitchell

Hola my lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat with guest author Ty Mitchell

Ty was born in Philadelphia, but raised in Atlanta by his mother and grandmother. He went to college to become an animator, but quickly found his true passion in writing when he took a screenwriting class. In 2009, he joined the U.S. Air Force where he would travel the world and network with people who also wanted to explore the world of writing. Since then, Ty has gone on to write several screenplays, relationship articles for publications like Elite Daily, and for his own blog

Book Sample: The Color of Love

Genre: New Adult Romance

Have you ever been in a relationship so mind-blowing that is was forbidden? Has someone so special ever come into your life that they could take your heart to a level it’s never been before or crush it all in the same breath?

This was the perfect stormtesting that Daisy, a struggling artist, ran into when she met Mike. He was an agent with top-shelf connections in the art world, and she was willing to do anything outside of sex to get her work noticed.

So when Mike cozies up to Daisy, she doesn’t reject his advances. But both are surprised when ulterior motives fall by the wayside, and they find themselves entangled in feelings they never expected. The consequences ultimately test Daisy’s integrity, relationships, and life journey as she must decide where her heart is leading her and if she wants to follow

When did you decide to become a writer?  When I was in college I was majoring in Media Arts and Animation. I was always a story-teller at a young age, but I never really knew what platform I wanted to use to tell my stories. It wasn’t until I took a class called Screenwriting for Animators that I knew what I wanted to do. So instead of doing the logical thing and changing my major, I dropped out of college completely and self-taught myself how to write screenplays. Writing novels came years later.

What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?  I was getting frustrated with the screen writing because I wasn’t where I thought I should be in my eyes. So one day my wife and I were laying on the bed and she said, “I think I want to write a book.” But my mind translated it into, “YOU should write a book.” And I thought to myself, “You know what? Maybe I should.” So I did the research about self-publishing and a year and a half later here we are. My wife still jokes with me about me stealing her idea.

How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?  I think I’ve gone outside my comfort zone. A lot of what I previously wrote was in the scope of what I knew. The subject matter, the characters I created, and sometimes the stories all banked on things that went on within my circle. Now I move towards more sophisticated plots and multileveled characters.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just seeing where an idea takes you?  I definitely outline my work with the beginning, middle and end. Then when those things are set in stone, I put my plot points where they need to be. I also write detailed back stories for the main characters. Novels are a little different than screenplays because you have a little more freedom. In a screenplay, certain things have to happen at a certain point or it just won’t work. There is definitely room to play with in a novel and I love it.

Any advice for aspiring authors?  Two things. Number 1, just start writing. When I tell people I wrote a book someone always tells me, “I wanted to write something, but (insert excuse)”. If you want to take writing seriously, just put something down on paper and do it consistently. And number 2, chase the dream, not the dollar. I had to learn that early because I’m very hands on when it comes to sells. To be honest with you I check at least 7 times a day. It’s not because I’m money hungry, it’s just I want to know what going on with my book like any other author. But I had to take a step back and really focus on putting quality work/time into building my brand. That includes blog posts, networking, marketing and anything else that comes with being discovered. If you’re doing it for the money and fame then eventually it will come as long as you’re being true to yourself and putting out quality material.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does she do that is so special?  Daisy is someone that can get along with anyone. She has a sense of humor. She’s very loyal. You do have to earn her trust and it makes her friendship that much more valuable because she will never take you for granted. She has a way of making people gravitate towards her whether she wants the attention or not. And I think it’s due to her creative spirit. Even when she doesn’t have it all figured for herself, you can never tell her who she is or what’s best for her because only she can give you that million-dollar answer (inside joke from the book)

Where do your ideas come from?  My ideas can come from anywhere. From personal experience, a story someone else told me, I’ve written stories from a dream, or just building a story from scratch. My ideas come from anywhere.

What is the hardest thing about writing?  The hardest thing about writing is just getting started.

What is your favorite movie or TV show?  I’m kind of all over the place. For TV shows I have: The Blacklist, Bates Motel, Modern Family, Archer, The Office (US Version), Lost, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones.

Movies: Django, Inglorious Bastards, Memento, I Saw the Devil (Foreign film) and plenty more that I can’t think of right now. I’m just a fan of amazing writing.

What is the current book you are promoting?  THE COLOR OF LOVE. Right now I’m on a virtual book tour with Enchanted 14141994_10153816289903862_2196951631537691334_nBook Promotions. Here’s the link for the schedule

If your book were made into a movie, whom would you cast?

Daisy- Logan Browning

Mike- Lance Gross

Al- Donald Glover

Roc-  Brian J. White

Alex- Scarlett Johansson

What is your next project?  I haven’t decided if I want to do a sequel to The Color of Love or turn one of my other scripts into a book.

Do you have any fur babies to brag about? This is my angel Maya. She’s a beagle born in Germany and needs all of my attention.

Thanks so much Ty for sharing! For more about Ty and his work, follow the links below:


Meet Author K.R. Reese

Howdy my lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat with guest author K.R. Reese

K.R. Reese writes new adult/contemporary romances. She is currently a full-time student at Kent State University majoring in Public Health, and she’s also a full-time mom. She resides in Ohio with her husband and four children.

Book blurb: Come Back to Me (Wilson Creek, #1) New adult/contemporary romance:

Ella left her hometown a few years ago pregnant and afraid. She had no intentions of ever looking back. But when the threat against her brings her ex back into her life, things take a drastic change. Staying out of harm more than once, Ella’s faced with a choice: continue the way things have been or give in to what her heart wants. *** Trevor had lived these past three years believing that he’d never have hope again. When a domestic abuse call brings Ella back into the fold things, he doesn’t intend to let her go again. But fate has another idea and he has to fight for what he wants. *** In a town this small, it’s hard to keep a secret. When the truth comes out, Ella and Trevor must face it head on. Can they do it together? Or will their past get in the way of their future?

If you use a Pen Name why did you choose it? I don’t know if I’d necessarily call it a “pen” name. But, it was the short version of my full name.

Why do you write? I write because it is something I love to do, and the stories float around in my head all the time. If I don’t write them, I’d probably go crazy from all the voices going on.

When did you decide to become a writer? I’ve wanted to be a writer since junior high, but I never sat and actually did it. This past winter, I decided that I was done putting it off and I was going to make time for my writing.

How long does it usually take you to complete a book? My novella took me about two months to complete if I had published it without editing. But between writing the novella and editing it, about six months.

What made you decide to sit down and actually start something? I was tired of putting it off. I was ready to get some of the stories and characters out of my head.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? My day isn’t structured at all. I have four children, 5 years old and younger, so there isn’t a set schedule all the time. Besides the kids, I’m a full time college student and sometimes studying and homework take place of my writing time. But, I usually write late at night when I can’t sleep.

Do you listen to music or watch TV/movie while you write? I cannot listen to music while I write, but I do watch TV.

What have you written? I’ve written and published one novella that is the beginning of a series. The second novel is currently in the editing process.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just seeing where an idea takes you? I do not work to an outline. I normally come up with a plot and have it kind of planned out in my head, but sometimes it changes and I just see where the idea takes me.

Do you design your own book covers or have someone else? If you use someone else would you tell us who/website? I currently design my own book covers, but I’m beginning the process of co-writing a novel and I’m thinking of having someone else design the cover.

Is there any marketing technique you used that had an immediate impact on your sales figures? To be honest, my sales figures were nothing until I created a Facebook page and began promoting with friends and family help.

What is your favorite movie or TV show? My favorite movies are Pearl Harbor and Titanic. My favorite TV shows are Army Wives (no longer airing), The Little Couple, Teen Mom OG, and Teen Mom 2.

What is the current book you are promoting? Right now, I’m promoting Come Back to Me and Fall for Me. They are a part of a series that I plan on continuing for at least two more books.

You mentioned you’re writing a new story. How about a teaser?


“Whose f-ing idea was this again?” Ella grumbled.

Ashlee McCoy looked back at her friend struggling to put on a simple garter around her leg. “Will you stop fighting with it? I’ll help you as soon as I’m done. Besides, this was what you wanted.”

“This is impossible,” Ella said. “I swear I wasn’t in my right mind when I got this idea.”

“Oh, quit it, you look wonderful,” Ashlee stated.

Ella snorted, and Ashlee couldn’t suppress a laugh. The other bridesmaid, Brianne, hadn’t shown up yet, so she’d had to do everything from hair and make-up, to helping Ella into her gown. Add that to the list of things she had to do to get herself ready and impossible just about covered it.

“I’m so sorry I’m late. The kids wouldn’t cooperate to stay in their clothes, and Aaron was of no help,” Brianne stormed through the door.

Ashlee had to hold back a groan. When Ella had first introduced them and told them that she wanted them to be bridesmaids at her wedding, they were excited, but Ashlee didn’t particularly like Brianne either. She knew this was going to be a tense day, wedding aside, because there was bound to be feet stepped on.

“Please say that you can do my hair, too,” Brianne begged, staring at Ashlee expectantly.

“Of course.” Looking back in the mirror, she put on her best fake smile. “I just have to finish up with mine. Ella’s took about an hour since its longer than usual, so I’m a little behind.”

Ella was studying her, probably trying to consider what she was thinking and whether to say it aloud or not. Ashlee winked at her and continued fixing her hair.

“You’ll love the way Ashlee does your hair; I’ve never seen anyone do it better.” Ella turned to retrieve the garter again, trying to put it on around her ball gown style wedding dress.

“Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. So, who does Trevor have standing up with him?” The question irked Ashlee for reasons known to no one but her. Brianne hadn’t been a part of any of the wedding planning. If she had, she’d know that Trevor’s brother Michael, and his father were standing with him. Then there’s the small detail of whether Michael was actually going to show up. They had left that little unknown from Ella, worrying that she’d freak out, which clearly wasn’t a challenge because she was already freaking out.

“Michael and his dad,” Ella remained focused on the garter.

Brianne slid up on the stool beside Ashlee, staring at her in the mirror.

“That’s great. Michael hasn’t been back here in a while, has he?” Brianne tried to distract Ella from what was inevitably going to happen. Funny how everyone knew that there was a possibility of him not coming at all.

Ella frowned as she threw the garter across the room. “No, he hasn’t. Trevor’s hoping he sticks around for a little while with their mom being sick. But, honestly, I don’t think he’s capable of it. He didn’t even come back when they first told him about the cancer, so why would he stay now?”

What do you do when you’ve got nothing else? Ashlee kept the thought to herself. All she knew was that Michael had moved away for college, started his own business, and never came home. He kept in contact with his family, but wasn’t fond of his hometown or the people here in Wilson Creek.

On the day Ashlee moved here to help Ella recover from the assault Jake had done, she fell in love with the place. Wilson Creek was beautiful, small, and everything Ashlee had moved away from. Obviously it wasn’t her hometown, but it was similar and made her comfortable. She had stayed with Ella for a while until Trevor moved in. She had found a small house that suited her, moved in, and here she was.

“I have to go to the bathroom, then I’ll start on your hair.” Ashlee rushed out of the room, fighting off the tears that threatened to overflow. Closing the bathroom door, she leaned against it. Leaving her hometown had been her last choice; it wasn’t what she’d had planned. Marrying Nathan had been the plan, but life had other ideas.

When the call had come that Nathan had been in a car accident, Ashlee’s world had tilted upside-down. Everything had gone gray and dull, and the light that she once carried had died. Rushing to the hospital, a doctor said she could see him, and she had to stifle the sobs when she entered the room. So many thoughts had gone through her mind that she couldn’t begin to imagine what was going to happen. As strong as Nathan was, he looked battered and broken, unable to keep his eyes open. Ashlee had wanted to help, take his pain away and put some of it on herself, if only to ease it. But she couldn’t do that.

“I love you, Ash,” Nathan had said to her. His breathing was harsh and he fought to hold on to her. “I will always love you. Continue on with your life and be happy. I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do.” And then he was gone. Ashlee sat beside his bed and cried for what seemed like hours, but was really only minutes. The doctors had come into the room and called her mother to come get her. A few days later was his funeral and she had completely fell apart. Since then, she hadn’t been with anyone, keeping to herself. No one had even struck an interest within her, so she thought it for the best.

A loud knock on the door snapped her out of her daydream.

“Ashlee, are you alright?” It was Ella’s voice through the door, sounding worried. She doesn’t need this on her wedding day.

“Be right there,” she replied. Getting to her feet, she checked her make-up in the mirror and took a deep breath. Throw a pity party for yourself later. Opening the door, she slammed into something as unmoving as concrete. She slipped and felt herself start to fall.

She thought she heard a few foul words thrown together, but that was likely her own voice, not someone else’s. Her head smacked the floor, thankfully softened from the hairstyle she wore.

When she opened her eyes, she thought she was daydreaming. The man standing over her had ice blue eyes, broad shoulders, and a short, military-style haircut.

“Are you all right?” the man standing above her said.

Ashlee just stared. His eyes were piercing through her skin, holding her to the floor.

Oh Lord.

Definitely not a dream. If it were, there wouldn’t be a surge of desire racing through her system. At least she hoped there wouldn’t be.

Copyright © K.R. Reese 2016

What is your next project? My next project is a co-write military romance. There’s no details yet.

Who inspires your writing? Many self-published authors are my inspiration.

Who is your favorite author and which of their books is your favorite? Where to begin? I’d have to say that Zoe York is my favorite author and her Pine Harbour series is my favorite.

Do you or have you sat down and read your book fresh off the presses as if it wasn’t yours? And if you did, what was it like? I didn’t read it fresh off the presses, but when I did receive them in the mail, it was very weird to hold a physical copy of my book.

What is one great lesson you have learned as a writer? The greatest lesson I’ve learned as a writer is that you should never complain about all the reading and writing classes you are forced to take in junior and senior high. If it wasn’t for those classes, I would not be able to do my own editing.

Do you ever feel self-conscious when writing love/sex scenes? I’m a little self-conscious when writing love/sex scenes because I’m anxious when family and/or friends read them that they will think of me differently.

Is there a book you love you’d like to recommend to others? There are many books I could recommend, but they are all written by Zoe York or J.M. Madden.

Many thanks K.R. for coming by! For more about K.R. and her work, follow the links below:

Facebook / Goodreads / Amazon

Meet Author Sheena Binkley

Halo lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat with guest author Sheena Binkley

Sheena Binkley first discovered her love for storytelling when writing her first story for a class project at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has composed several short stories and numerous tales that are not only engaging, but simply entertaining. She is also a freelance writer, penning articles on various topics including education and entertainment. In April 2016, Sheena launched her own publishing company, SBinkley Publishing, which focuses on romance novels. Besides writing, she loves reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Houston (where the weather is always unpredictable) with her husband and son.

Book blurb: The Love Chronicles

Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have known each other since they were in diapers. While their parents are the best of friends, the two are barely even acquaintances. While Dexter is the most popular guy at Williamson High School and only cares about which girl he will sleep with next, Andrea is focused on getting into her dream college, Yale.

When they are placed together for an unlikely project, the two have to come together not only to pass their class, but also graduate. With a series of events surrounding them, they both realize that their first experience at love could be with the person who was right in front of them all along.

Why do you write? I write because it’s my passion. I’ve been writing since I was nine and it’s something that I truly enjoy and hope I can continue doing for years to come.

When did you decide to become a writer? As I mentioned in the previous question, I started writing when I was nine years old and pursued it only as a hobby. I had no intentions of becoming a full-fledged author until three years ago when I self-published my first book, In Love With My Best Friend. At that time, I felt I was ready to show my talent to the writing world; now, I’m still writing, which is one of my life’s greatest achievements.

What genre are your books? I consider myself a multi-genre author, in which I write books in various genres, including African-American Romance, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary, New Adult, and Urban.

How long does it usually take you to complete a book? If I have a lot of time on my hands, I would say in a month, but if I’m busy with work and my daily routine, then about a month in a half to two months.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? Usually, I would write at night when my family is asleep and have the time to do it; but if I have an off day, I would try to fit some writing in (normally about an hour or two) into my daily schedule.

Do you listen to music or watch TV/movie while you write? Normally, I love listening to music because it helps me set-up various scenes for my story. I also have book playlists for majority of my books.

Any advice for aspiring authors? The advice I have for aspiring authors is to never give up on your dreams. No matter how many people may knock you down, don’t let that discourage you. Also, always listen to your gut and do things that you know will be good for yourself and your career.

What is the current book you are promoting? The story I’m promoting is actually a new story, which is titled The Love Chronicles. It’s set to be released on July 12th, but it is available now on pre-order.

You mentioned you’re writing a new story. How about a teaser? Sure! 🙂 The Love Chronicles is a spin-off from my very first series, In Love With My Best Friend in which this story is from the kids of the main characters from the series. It’s all about finding yourself in the last year of high school and experiencing love for the first time. It’s a feel-good story which will have you laughing, a little frustrated (but not too much), and crying tears of joy.

What do your fans mean to you? My fans mean the world to me. When I first started out, I had a lot against me which made me want to quit writing altogether, but I think my love of writing and my new found readers are the elements that made me keep going. I try to write stories that are not only relatable, but are also entertaining, and I think my readers have realized that. I’m just happy and blessed that I have such loyal fans and I hope they continue to stick with me throughout my writing career.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Readers can find my books at various online outlets:

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Overdrive, All Romance eBooks

I also will start distributing paperback books at various bookstores.

Many thanks Sheena! For more about the fabulous Sheena and her work, follow the links below:


Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Pinterest / Amazon / CreateSpace / Smashwords / YouTube / Google / MailingList

New Book: Mr. Jones & Me

Halo my lovelies! I’m thrilled to welcome author Lindsay Marie Miller back to FoxSeat. She’s come by to show off her latest book.

Title: Mr. Jones & Me

Book 2 of 2 in Jones Series

Author: Lindsay Marie Miller

Genre: New Adult Romantic Thriller

Release Date: June 20, 2016

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Three years have passed sinceMr. Jones & Me (Book 2) Cover Finley O’Connell found love and heartbreak in the form of alluring, yet secretive psychology professor, Cabel Jones. Now a twenty-two-year-old graduate student, Finley hardly has time to fulfill her role as Cabel’s young new wife.

But when a voluptuous blonde bombshell from Cabel’s past arrives to fill a teaching position on campus, Finley feels immediately threatened. Jane Adams wants Cabel Jones back and will stop at nothing to rekindle romance with her former flame. Jealous and betrayed, Finley falls into a perilous trap that may cost Cabel his life.

Pre-Order Links

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In that moment, I knew that he had me fooled. I would buy into this façade of a reality where it didn’t matter if Monty thought we were dead when we were actually alive. I had faith in aTeaser 1 fairytale that we could live in a conspicuous location inconspicuously. It was all a fantasy, but I wanted so much to believe that we were safe, that no one would ever find us here, that Cabel and I had escaped unseen.

But maybe I wasn’t a complete fool. Maybe it was denial notMe & Mr. Jones (Book 1) Cover naiveté. Maybe it was hope in the pipe dream that our life could return to the way it once was. Either way, I succumbed to the fake world Cabel had created. And I let myself believe that none of it was too good to be true.

Cabel’s fingers tangled through my hair, as his other hand slipped beneath my shirt and trailed the length of my naked back. Clinging to him, I clasped my hands together behind his neck and whimpered when he tugged at my bottom lip. Cabel groaned at the sound that left my parted lips and pushed me up against the wall.

My hands searched his torso, rubbing and caressing his skin. His chest. His abs. His ribs. When Cabel folded his hands through mine and then ripped the shirt over the top of my head, I couldn’t believeTeaser 3 that he was mine. How had I gotten so lucky?

Cabel placed his hands at my waist and hauled me into the bedroom, where we collapsed on the mattress together. He stretched out beside me and cradled my face in his hands, similar to the first time we had made love. I felt his lips against my neck, as his fingers traveled along the sides of my arms and then my neck and then my spine.

Right before that pivotal moment, that felt so much like freezing fire and burning ice, he left the softest kiss on my lips, and I knew he would be gentle. His frosty blue eyes gazed into mine, loving, caring, trusting.Teaser 2 Since the day I met Cabel Jones, he had taken every part of me, but none that I hadn’t already been willing to give. As he braided his fingers through mine and pushed the back of my hands into the mattress, I knew that I had made my choice.

If he was going to burn, then I would burn with him.


Me & Mr. Jones (Book 1) is also on sale for .99 cents exclusively on Amazon!

Purchase Links

Amazon US  / Amazon UK 


About the Author

LINDSAY MARIE MILLER was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, where she graduated from high school as Valedictorian. Afterwards, Lindsay attended Florida State University and graduated SummaAuthor Photo Cum Laude with an English Literature major, Psychology minor, and Specialized Studies in Markets and Institutions.

Lindsay is the author of the Mr. Jones & Me, S.I.N.G.L.E., Jungle EyesMe & Mr. Jones, and Emerald Green. An incurable romantic at heart, she enjoys writing about strong heroines and the honorable gentleman who claim their hearts, often utilizing elements of suspense, adventure, or even comedy. While the context of her writing is diverse, one factor always remains at the center of every novel: Love.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, and writing songs. The author resides in her hometown of Tallahassee, FL, where she is currently working on her next novel.

Connect with Lindsay Marie Miller

Website / Twitter /Facebook/ Goodreads / Amazon

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