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New Book Release: The Maid and The Footman: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Howdy lovelies! I’m thrilled to announce two new book releases from an author I had the great opportunity to interview right here on Interview FoxSeat.

Don released two Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) works that are tied together…
A Novella of about 29,000 words…”Of Fortune’s Reversal” and its companion novel “The Maid and the Footman.”

Author’s Note:
Both look at the events that swirled around Kitty Bennet in Pride & Prejudice Variations that assume a universe where Mr. Bennet dies before the Netherfield Ball.  “Of Fortune’s Reversal” presents the narrative from the traditional point-of-view—the gentry.  “The Maid and the Footman” considers the same events but as seen from the world below stairs. These are romances, to be sure, but ones immersed in the historical background of the time which gives them context and depth.
I never intended to write the second book.  I thought “Of Fortune’s Reversal” was a one-off.  I was focusing on developing the second book in the Bennet Wardrobe Series…The Exile.  As a result, I wrote “Henry Fitzwilliam’s War” during August in order to get a better handle on that character. MF: I speak for the readers when I say, I’m glad you did write the next book.
I will weave characters from other fiction into my work as I am a believer in Robert A. Heinlein’s “World as Myth” model in which authors, through the act of writing fiction, create the universes within which the actors exist.  I like to believe that Patrick O’Brien’s Stephen Maturin or Wilson Graham’s Jeremy Poldark (or for that matter Doctor Who’s Centurion) existed in Regency England. However, as Ms Austen did not know them, she did not write about them. See my “Author’s Note” at the end of the book. Look Don up on Goodreads.

Of Fortune’s Reversal (Released July 28, 2016)

A brisk early November Hyde Park morning is shattered by a child’s scream. How two adults react in those next few desperate moments sets the plot in motion in this “Pride & Prejudice” alternative focusing on twenty-one year old Kitty Bennet.


“Of Fortune’s Reversal” is a novella-length tale based upon an inversion of Mrs. Bennet’s exclamation that with one good marriage, the other girls will be thrown in front of rich men. For more than two centuries, the Jane/Bingley: Lizzy/Darcy tetrarchy has been portrayed as the solution to Mary and Kitty’s marriage difficulties, not to mention Mrs. Bennet’s housing requirements. But, what if that was not the case?

What if Mr. Bennet dies just as Jane is receiving the Bingley sisters’ invitation to dinner?

No rainy day horseback ride. No cold for Jane. No Elizabeth coming to Netherfield to nurse her elder sister…so no links forged in any way with Bingley (beyond what he felt for Miss Bennet at the Assembly) and Darcy (no fine eyes, no walk around the library, etc).

No Netherfield Ball.

No proposal from Collins because he was already wed to a shrew who convinced him to evict the Bennet women. So no trip to Hunsford cottage for Lizzy because Charlotte remains a spinster at Lucas Lodge.

Rather, the Bennet women are forced out of Longbourn—the older girls to Gracechurch Street and ultimately taking up employment away from the city.  The two younger girls remain in Meryton with their mother, to be sent away to seminary for some much-needed formal education.  But, the death of Thomas Bennet has changed more than the family’s financial fortunes.  It has also bent the arc of the P&P universe.

The Maid and The Footman (Released 12/1/2016)

There are two sides to every great story.  The tale of how General Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, Baron St. Jean, fell in love with a governess, Kitty Bennet, after she was terribly injured while protecting the Cecil heiress is well known. Now discover how an unbreakable bond between a footman and a maid grew in the face of that same tragedy and a developing international intrigue.


The Maid and The Footman explores the increasing affection between a young lady’s maid and a retired Army sergeant which was as great as any love written about by the immortals. In the Jane Austen universe, the celebrated novels are written from the point-of-view of the landed gentry. Servants are rarely seen except to open doors, serve dinner or fetch smelling salts. The Maid and The Footman asserts that class is an imaginary distinction conferring no better manners on the “haves” and no lesser nobility on the “have-nots” and that the deepest human emotions are universal.

 The Maid and The Footman also reveals how Annie Reynolds and Henry Wilson teamed up with General Fitzwilliam to fight the nefarious plot that had penetrated to the heart of the British government after Napoleon’s fall. The hidden motive driving the attack on Kitty Bennet in Hyde Park is gradually revealed.  Throughout it all, Annie and Henry circle around one another finding remarkable depths of love in spite of the great forces tossing them about.

The Maid and The Footman is a companion and simultaneous novel to the popular novella Of Fortune’s Reversal. Readers may find that revisiting Of Fortune’s Reversal will make for a broader and more rewarding experience.

New Book: Control by R.M. Gauthier

Control is book 1 in The Mystery of Landon Miller series

Can one night change everything?kindle-control-cover

After a night out with her best friend, Alexandria’s world is turned upside down making her re-evaluate her entire life. Meeting Landon Miller, a powerful businessman and owner of an exclusive club opens the door to a world she never knew existed. But, what lies beneath his business suit is a dark domain of mystery and control that unlocks a world of crime and punishment.

From the author:

After a year of experimenting with my novella, Longing, it’s finally time to release, Control, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this novel with the world. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here and I can’t believe it, still pinching myself.

Another piece of good news is that Book 2, Bound will follow shortly after, Control. My plan is to release Bound in January 2017, so fans won’t have to wait long for the follow up.

New Book: The Golden Throne

Howdy my lovelies! Please help me in welcoming author Eli Freysson back to FoxSeat!

Eli has a new book to share with us!

The Golden Throne marks my first foray into science fiction, and no-one is more surprised at this than I am. It all began with a short story competition I took part in. The theme was “space opera”, and I decided to essentially show the ending of a high fantasy story, only with space ships. I also decided to create a sense of huge scope and ancient history, by making a whole lot of quick references to cultures and events. The story itself didn’t get much attention, but I fell in love with the setting I’d hinted at, and decided to dive deeper into it.

The Golden Throne is essentially an experiment in storytelling. It is about an epic, years-long space war, told through eleven short stories, each one about a different character experiencing a different aspect of the world and the war itself. The ongoing war and certain recurring characters then form an ongoing narrative, leading to the conclusion. I’m finding it a very fun and interesting way to create a large setting with a lot of variety.

The world is my attempt at basically cramming everything I like about high fantasy-esque sci-fi into one setting: Giant space ships, glittering futuristic cities, swordplay, mysticism, hints of ancient history, high action, space nobility, hundreds of inhabited planets, the foreboding depths of space, different cultures… and no precocious kids or philosophical robots. 🙂

Release date: June 4th. 2016.

Check out Eli’s interview here:  CLICK ME

Be sure to see all of Eli’s work: CLICK ME

To get your copy of The Golden Throne click on the book cover shown above.

New Book: Mr. Jones & Me

Halo my lovelies! I’m thrilled to welcome author Lindsay Marie Miller back to FoxSeat. She’s come by to show off her latest book.

Title: Mr. Jones & Me

Book 2 of 2 in Jones Series

Author: Lindsay Marie Miller

Genre: New Adult Romantic Thriller

Release Date: June 20, 2016

Add on Goodreads


Three years have passed sinceMr. Jones & Me (Book 2) Cover Finley O’Connell found love and heartbreak in the form of alluring, yet secretive psychology professor, Cabel Jones. Now a twenty-two-year-old graduate student, Finley hardly has time to fulfill her role as Cabel’s young new wife.

But when a voluptuous blonde bombshell from Cabel’s past arrives to fill a teaching position on campus, Finley feels immediately threatened. Jane Adams wants Cabel Jones back and will stop at nothing to rekindle romance with her former flame. Jealous and betrayed, Finley falls into a perilous trap that may cost Cabel his life.

Pre-Order Links

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In that moment, I knew that he had me fooled. I would buy into this façade of a reality where it didn’t matter if Monty thought we were dead when we were actually alive. I had faith in aTeaser 1 fairytale that we could live in a conspicuous location inconspicuously. It was all a fantasy, but I wanted so much to believe that we were safe, that no one would ever find us here, that Cabel and I had escaped unseen.

But maybe I wasn’t a complete fool. Maybe it was denial notMe & Mr. Jones (Book 1) Cover naiveté. Maybe it was hope in the pipe dream that our life could return to the way it once was. Either way, I succumbed to the fake world Cabel had created. And I let myself believe that none of it was too good to be true.

Cabel’s fingers tangled through my hair, as his other hand slipped beneath my shirt and trailed the length of my naked back. Clinging to him, I clasped my hands together behind his neck and whimpered when he tugged at my bottom lip. Cabel groaned at the sound that left my parted lips and pushed me up against the wall.

My hands searched his torso, rubbing and caressing his skin. His chest. His abs. His ribs. When Cabel folded his hands through mine and then ripped the shirt over the top of my head, I couldn’t believeTeaser 3 that he was mine. How had I gotten so lucky?

Cabel placed his hands at my waist and hauled me into the bedroom, where we collapsed on the mattress together. He stretched out beside me and cradled my face in his hands, similar to the first time we had made love. I felt his lips against my neck, as his fingers traveled along the sides of my arms and then my neck and then my spine.

Right before that pivotal moment, that felt so much like freezing fire and burning ice, he left the softest kiss on my lips, and I knew he would be gentle. His frosty blue eyes gazed into mine, loving, caring, trusting.Teaser 2 Since the day I met Cabel Jones, he had taken every part of me, but none that I hadn’t already been willing to give. As he braided his fingers through mine and pushed the back of my hands into the mattress, I knew that I had made my choice.

If he was going to burn, then I would burn with him.


Me & Mr. Jones (Book 1) is also on sale for .99 cents exclusively on Amazon!

Purchase Links

Amazon US  / Amazon UK 


About the Author

LINDSAY MARIE MILLER was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, where she graduated from high school as Valedictorian. Afterwards, Lindsay attended Florida State University and graduated SummaAuthor Photo Cum Laude with an English Literature major, Psychology minor, and Specialized Studies in Markets and Institutions.

Lindsay is the author of the Mr. Jones & Me, S.I.N.G.L.E., Jungle EyesMe & Mr. Jones, and Emerald Green. An incurable romantic at heart, she enjoys writing about strong heroines and the honorable gentleman who claim their hearts, often utilizing elements of suspense, adventure, or even comedy. While the context of her writing is diverse, one factor always remains at the center of every novel: Love.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, and writing songs. The author resides in her hometown of Tallahassee, FL, where she is currently working on her next novel.

Connect with Lindsay Marie Miller

Website / Twitter /Facebook/ Goodreads / Amazon

Attention All Interviewed Authors

Hey lovelies! If you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve interviewed over 400 authors and am still adding new folks daily.

I want to invite all authors who have been featured on my blog to come back when you have a new book release to shout about. All I ask of you is an email. You’ll need to include the book’s snyposis and anything else you’d like posted with it, the release date, book pictures, and if you’d like pics of you too.

All I’m offering here is a bit more exposure of your brand new book release if you’ve interviewed. These will be titled “New book release” and you can find the in the New Book Release Category list on the right side of your screen.

If you don’t remember my email address, please use the Contact Me form at the top of my blog.

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